Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1 May, 1536: A Dark May Day

Today in 1536, Queen Anne Boleyn enjoyed her final day of freedom. Tensions were quite obviously high as the day before, on April 30th, it is alleged that the doomed queen took her beloved daughter, stood under her husband's window, and begged Henry VIII for one more chance. Although in the Showtime series, The Tudors, Anne and Henry have an actual confrontation, it is touching and the acting makes it realistic. See above. On May 1st, Henry VIII did not participate in the jousting tournament for the first time in a long time.

George Boleyn and Henry Norris, who would be dead within sixteen days found guilty of adultery with the queen, both participated in the May Day tournament. Henry and Anne had conversation and nothing seemed terribly wrong between them, although it was ominous that he left early without a word to Anne, with Henry Norris. Norris was a good friend of Henry's for more than 20 years, and he begged Norris to confess to adulterous escapades with Anne if he wished to be spared. Norris is thought to have said:

in my conscience i think her innocent of these things laid to her charge; but whether she is or not, i would not accuse her of anything; and i would die a thousand times, rather than ruin an innocent person.

Anyway, for great extended reading, I recommend a post written by author Gareth Russell, available here.

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